Why do we care?


There is a gap in available places to live for friends and families in Portland, especially for those starting careers, in transition, and public service or nonprofit workers. At the same time, many modest, well-built homes are being torn down and replaced by squished-in, high-priced, five bedroom, three bath, McMansions. 

Building more ADUs throughout the city takes advantage of existing lots and homes and would have a long-term positive impact on our neighborhoods in terms of access, affordability, quality of life, the environment and in honoring community history. 

A recent PSU report suggests there are more than 71,000 “prime” locations for ADUs - about 30% of lots. Only 1,800 ADUs total exist today.

We live here too. Let’s work together to create a community we all can thrive in for many years to come. Please join us.  


Kevin Johnson

Kevin lives in NE Portland where he and his wife have jammed as many blueberry plants and trees into their lot as possible and, of course, recently completed their own ADU. It was rented out within a day to a widower moving back to our area to be closer to his daughter’s family. 

“Good neighbors matter. We need to help each other if we are going to have the kind of neighborhoods where we can all thrive.”

He is a nationally recognized consultant serving nonprofit leaders throughout the U.S. and Canada. His work focuses on how to connect vision and ideas with resources – people, networks, money, media – to turn good ideas into reality. 

Earlier in life he studied architecture, owned a wood products business, and helped build a number of architect designed, off-the grid homes in rural Washington. He has a degree in banking public policy. 


Jack Barnes

Jack practices residential architecture here in Portland. He thrives on helping people unlock the mystery behind making buildings. His studio specializes in sustainable design with a special focus on ADUs.

“I enjoy working on these ‘backyard cottages’ because they make a real difference in the lives of everyday people here in our community.”

Jack’s ADU projects have been featured in Sunset Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, numerous blogs & websites, and the new Taunton Press book: Little House in the City.