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Here’s what the New York Times wrote about
ADUs in Portland:


Here are three web sites you should know about:

How to build an ADU. 


What are the rules and who’s in charge of them? 


What do ADU’s mean for our community?


What’s happening in Portland?

BIG changes are coming to Portland’s zoning favorable ADUs.


Portlands disappearing affordable bungalow.


Maps showing impact of the residential infill project or RIP. Your house is someplace on the map. 


What should Oregon Look like?

Zoning and how we use our land will make or break our city of the future. How will we make good choices?

A lot of people are thinking hard about the future including PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Futures at PSU.


Big picture perspective meets neighborhoods and your house.

AARP Report: Home and Community Preferences


Who owns your future? How do we think about housing, mortgages, 


What is the new dream home?


Want to dive into details?

How are ADUs used in Portland? Who lives in them how are they used; a PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions study. 


Finance Options Charts


One of the many online mortgage and refinance calculators.